• Marc Lewis 1:396/45

    From Ross Cassell@1:123/456 to All on Sat Sep 3 19:55:28 2005
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    Hello All!

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    Today while at work around 1:30pm EDT, I received a voice mail from Marc Lewis of 1:396/45.

    He safely made it out of New Orleans and is staying in Meridian Mississippi.

    He says his system might come up sooner than he thought as he co locates with John Souvestre and John has plans in the works to get his business rolling again. (No John aint coming back to Fido)

    My phone company emails me my voice mail in the form of a WAV file, if anyone wants to hear the voice mail for themselves, lemme know and I will get it to you, it is approx 800k.

    email me at rcassell@gmail.com

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