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    From Dave Drum@1:229/452 to All on Mon Mar 29 12:22:30 2021
    I am looking to retire my browser's dashboard page. I used iGoogle for
    several years until they stopped support and move on. Then came a page
    called "iG HOME" which was as near to the old iGoogle as makes no never
    minds. But for the past two years it has been dying in bits and pieces.

    The blank gadgets problem started a couple of years ago. IGHome is
    showing some of the gadgets correctly, but some are blank.

    This blank gadgets problem shows up in all browsers I have used (Pale
    Moon, Opera, and Edge). Some of the gadgets display on some days, but
    not on others. It happens on gadget pages that have many users and and
    those with few users. I have disabled ad blockers on the IGHome site
    and also on the sites that IGHome links to. I really like IGHome, and
    I have not found any other start pages that would be suitable

    I'm using Protopage as a stop-gap - but it doesn't do all the things I
    am used to iGHome doing.

    If you have any suggestionas my email is cuthbert(dot)j(dot)rumbold(at) gmail(dot)com.

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