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    eyeCU/2 version released

    It's mainly a bug fix release.

    A lot of fixes in map engine:

    Fixed broken map sources:

    * Google

    * Kosmosnimki

    * Navitel

    Removed dead map sources:

    * Yahoo!

    * Rosreestr

    * Navteq

    * Map mode selection buttons have modern look and feel now: no radio buttons.

    Map modes are not limited to 4 now. Some of the sources have more than 4 modes.

    Some of map mode icons are updated.

    Map messages fixed:

    * Bubble not moved when map dragged

    * No context menu displayed after bubble drag

    * URLs are clickable in message bubble now

    Map options improved.

    Some fixes and updates in Connection Wizard.

    SRV DNS resolver works at last!

    Minor improvement in OOB link processing.

    Emoticon sets fixed.

    Fixes in XHTML-IM plugin:

    * Embedding image with BOB

    * Minor typo in Russian translation

    Note: Navteq, Rosreestr and Yahoo! map sources are dead ande removed from the program. Because of WarpIN limitations, they cannot be removed automatically during update. Please, remove them manually by running WarpIN and removing appropriate entries after update!



    eyeCU home page: http://eyecu.ru/en/index_en.html

    Download eyeCU for OS/2: http://eyecu.ru/en/dwl-os2_en.html


    eyeCU (reads "I see you") is an open source, multifunctional Qt-based crossplatform XMPP client with geolocation support and a lot of other features.

    Main features:

    XMPP basic: Multiuser Conferences (MUC) XHTML-IM (allows to use rich formatted text in messages). Allows to embed images using either internet URLs (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP schemes), BOB (CID scheme) and DATA scheme (not recommended). OOB links in messages. Chat states (also works in MUC). Message delivery receipts (allows to ensure, that your message is delivered to the other party). Message carbons (allows to keep chat synchronized with different resources). Message Archiving (allows to store your history both on local machine an on the XMPP server). Privacy Lists (allows to hide your presence from other contacts or to block messages from other contacts). Avatars (both vCard-based and iq-based avatars are supporded). Attention (allows to attract your contact's attention).
    File Transfer (both SOCKS5 and IBB transport methods are supported). Nested contact groups. Metacontacts (allows to combine different contacts of the same person into one). Fully customizable roster. Service icon
    s. Client

    Personal Events (PEP): User Mood (allows to exchange mood information, also works for messages). User Activity (allows to exchange activity information). User Tune (allows to exchange currently playing tune information. PM123, QuPlayer and Z! are supported). May request tune information from internet. User Location (allows to exchange current user location information. See Geolocation/Positioning for details). User Nickname (both PEP and presence are supported).

    Geolocation/Positioning: Different positioning methods (allows to determine your geolocation manually, by IP address, or using positioning device GPS/GLONASS receiver, connected by either RS-232 or USB communication port). Built-in online interactive map with a lot of sources (OSM, Google, Yandex, WikiMapia, Yahoo!,Here, RuMap, Kosmosnimki, Vi-Tel, Bing, Esri, 2GIS, Navitel, Navteq, Rosreestr, Megafon and Pro-gorod) and modes. Contacts and their messages are displayed on the map. Contact proximity notifications. Magnifying glass. Points of Interest (POI). Different map search engines (OSM, Google, Yandex, 2GIS, Navitel, Here). Google Street View.

    User friendly: Have two operating modes: advanced (for XMPP profi) and for newbies. Connection wizard (allows easily connect to XMPP network even for those, who new to XMPP). Transport wizard (allows easlily connect to a legacy nertwork via appropriate transport or change transport with different one). Automatic resolving of contact nicknames. Plugin architecture (you may either disable or uninstall plugins, which functionality you don't need to save RAM or
    disk space). Appearance customization: Supports two types of message display styles (Simple and Adium) Supports different sets of text smilies (emoticons). Supports different sets of Emoji smilies (could be downloaded from application web page). Both Map and Messages could be either attached to Roster, or detached from it.

    And much more!

    Features: http://eyecu.ru/en/capability_en.html

    Screenshots: http://eyecu.ru/en/screenshots_en.html

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