• Request for assistance

    From Al@21:4/106 to McDoob on Mon Jan 17 18:19:52 2022
    I saw a message on Fidonet that I thought I should bring to everyone's attention. Specifically, those who are running SynchroNet, or Avon.

    There's a fellow, Fr333n3rgy, asking in SYNCHRO_SYSOP, about how to join fsxNet. I have no experience with SnychroNet, and barely even understand Mystic, so I wasn't able to help him...

    Could one of you fine gentlemen check on this? I'm sure he'd appreciate it! :)

    If I see such a request I'll always give out this quick and easy url to get the infopack.


    A command like "wget http://bbs.nz/fsxnet.zip" will get a fresh copy of the infopack.

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