• happened again

    From Michael Pierce@1:340/201 to g00r00 on Wed Jun 24 20:47:57 2020
    log file stopped again
    + 2020.06.24 20:22:06 MANAGER Shutdown complete
    was the last line it wrote.

    server window shows 20:45:39 EVENT Res: 0
    -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 377K Jun 24 20:22 logs/mis.log

    so its not a size issue

    another interesting note, when I opened miscrash.log via geany, geany could not determine the type of file.

    this is on a pi4 4gb model running raspberry os (32 bit)
    the / is installed onto an external usb-to-sata drive

    ... Correct me if I'm wrong ... everybody else does.
    --- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Mike's Mansion - Portland, OR - mansion.dynv6.net:2323 (1:340/201)