• msg_editor.ini

    From Aaron Thomas@1:229/426 to All on Thu Feb 27 12:03:04 2020
    Mystic people,

    I want to make changes to a few prompts in msg_editor.ini, but I need help.

    For example, there's the "Abort Message?" prompt. My goal is to make the prompt disappear, and automatically abort the message.

    The first idea that came to mind was to use an MPL script with stuffkey (To stuff the Y key.) So I compiled the MPL script and named it stuffy.mpx. The MPL is fine, and it works when I use it on other prompts located in the Mystic Prompts Editor (GUI) but I can't get it to work in the "Abort Message?" prompt located in msg_editor.ini

    The "Abort Message?" prompt in msg_editor.ini looks like this:
    str10 = |#Y#2#10#Confirm#Abort message?#

    I replaced it with:
    str10 = !stuffy.mpx

    I also tried other combinations like:

    But these attempts are not working. I honestly don't know what the
    significance of |#Y#2#10#Confirm# is. What's the Y doing? What's the 2
    doing? and the 10?

    Maybe there's a different way to disable the "Abort Message?" confirmation?

    I apologize for not knowing what's up with the INI file. I looked at Mystic WIKI, mystic.doc, other files in the docs folder, searched old messages in FSXnet & Fido, but didn't find any clues besides what's inside the file itself. I'm sure that g00 described it in more detail somewhere at some point in time, but I can't find that info anywhere.

    I noticed that very few sysops are editing the way the editor lightbars look - probably for the same reason as me. Everyone's looks the same. Let's start hacking away at it!

    --- Renegade vY2Ka2
    * Origin: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? (1:229/426)