• rLogin

    From IB JOE@1:342/200 to All on Mon Sep 18 20:46:04 2017
    I have been playing with the rlogin feature of MysticBBS and I have a few questions...

    I have made it work, kind of, he only thing that I can't get is the system to pass the password automatically.

    I enable the ilogin feature in the setup...
    I was playing with loging onto Digital Man's BBS... the data command line says.. /address=synchro.net /user=@user@ /pass=<MYPASSWORD>

    If the data line is exactly that I connect in as I should to the BBS. the @USER@ sends my user name... is there a @password@ command to send my
    password automatically??

    That's it..


    IB JOE
    AKA Joe Schweier
    SysOp of Joe's Computer & BBS
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