• Re: Real names etc.

    From Paul Hayton@3:770/100 to Nicholas Boel on Mon Aug 7 13:13:08 2017
    On 08/06/17, Nicholas Boel pondered and said...

    has, this is a Fidonet echo, Please inform your sysop that it is supposed to be a Real Name area not an alias area (If you are not the sysop that is) :)

    I don't believe this has ever been an area that required real names. Nor does it have any specific set of rules people are required to follow,
    like other areas of Fidonet.

    That is correct. I have checked and posted a copy of the last MOD update announcement for the echo. So in this echo if you want to run with an alias it's OK. Some folks do and others don't - I'm relaxed about this one in the MYSTIC echo. I think the discussion is more important than if it's been
    posted by Avon or Paul Hayton. Funny thing we're all such a small community
    now that nine times out of ten you would know who the person is regardless of weather they used an alias or not :)

    Hope this finds you well... enjoy your summer, I'm wanting it back in a few months time!

    Best, Paul

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