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    From Deon George@3:633/509 to All on Fri Sep 7 00:19:26 2018

    I've got a problem with MBSE polling that I'm hoping somebody can provide some tips.

    I am a member of 3 networks (fsx, fido and pinet) all configured on MBSE. I've configured the nodelists and run mbindex. I've confirmed that mbout n ... can see my Aka's and that of my Hosts.

    If I poll a fido address with "mbout p ...." (a point off of me, or my host), MBSE happily polls them. "mbout stat" shows the poll, as does the debug log.

    If I poll my fsx or pinet host (or point), MBSE does nothing. Doesnt even show anything in "mbout stat". The debug log doesnt show the same output as when it did the successful fidonet poll.

    I'm at a loss as to why - where else can I check? I've tested that I can manually poll my host with "mbcico -a (host) -t ibn fX.nY.z3" and it works. But
    why wont MBSE poll with "mbout p"? (And it was working the other day...)


    Greetings, Deon George

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  • From Deon George@3:633/509.1 to Deon George on Fri Sep 7 02:42:26 2018
    On 09/07/18, Deon George said the following...
    why wont MBSE poll with "mbout p"? (And it was working the other day...)

    So somehow I fix this - MBSE is now polling out - yay :)

    I think it must have had something to do with changing 4d address YES in 1.11.13?

    Anyway, all good now.


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