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    From Tony Comandini@2:250/5 to All on Fri Jan 6 22:45:24 2017
    Well after couple of days running MBSE I would be share some pros and cons. Pros:
    Everything is integrated for mailer/files process which is great you don't need
    to struggeling around 3rd party software configuration.
    It has an intelligent and powerful system to add new files areas and messages areas.
    It has an integrated door session (probably for games) but I don''t really understood how to run it.

    Need an integrated Web server where insert a telnet frame. I done it from Apache.
    Need an integrated mailer for SMTP/POP3 I done it with Postfix and popa3d.
    Need a real NNTP integrated server necessary to allow peoples read the messages
    boards using a newsreader which is more comfortable especially with mobile devices.

    Other software that I tried has pros and cons of course but MBSE seems to be one level over for certain features.

    Greetings, Tony Comandini

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