• DC+ client into mbse, why not ?

    From Benny Pedersen@2:230/0 to All on Mon Aug 26 07:08:20 2013
    Hello All!

    just got an stupid idea maybe, but here i go:

    p2p networking could really be into fidonet, the old style of shareing files in
    fidonet is very old styleish and so i came up with verlihub + some DC+ client idear that could if coded natively into mbse would help bootstrap it

    DC+ client is in edonkey and can be found on dcplus.sf.net for the windows client, if its possibel to make standalone client to use fidonet teknologi would one create one ?

    verlihub is the DC+ indexer, when it works we would win over all the crap of torrents :=)

    and it would be fast since there is more fidonet nodes that have it, eg we all help keep download speed up to maximum of all fidonet nodes, today lost of data
    on upload is wasted in the way no one download it anyway :(

    why i think it could be coded into mbse is that i dont see a good DC+ client that is stable or even usable for content shareing, only the download side works well in linux :/

    i say the RFC (Request For Comment) on this idea

    Regards Benny

    ... there can only be one way of life, and it works :)

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