• Village Hut, Realm of Lore - Revised Status

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Tue Nov 22 22:36:26 2005
    I've been working since late October on Realm of Lore. It is in testing on various bbs's using DDPlus toolkit. If you are interested in beta testing the igm update, either contact me via email (ktidmore@bellsouth.net) or download archive from my web-site (which is not always up-to-date).

    http://www.fidotel.com/public/camelot/igm-beta.htm - Access web-page to download the various LORD and LORD/32 programs that I have in development currently. Which are as follows: ChasWare LPEDIT, Chasware LPEDIT/32 (for LORD/32), Doofus the Gnome, Free World II (for LORD/32), The Gem Trader, Hiding in the Shadows, Kiteria's Lord Bank, LordStat, Love Shack II, The Pawn Shop, Realm of Lore, and Werewolf II.

    I've adopted The Village Hut igm from Ken Davis. Don't know when I will have a
    new beta in progress of the igm, which uses a lot of old ddigm-based source code. If anyone needs free registration code for use with v2.00, send me email
    or fidonet mail requesting the reg. code. To use v2.00 of Village Hut on systems that are over 400 Mhz, the two EXE files have to be uncompressed (they were compressed using PKLite) and then RTE200 patched. The ctbppat.exe utility
    is the best for doing that I've found.

    I will also sometime this year be working on Lord Life igm for Doug Rhea who took over the igm from Trevor Kooy earlier this year. I don't know when that development work will start at this time.

    If anyone is aware of problems that need to be fixed in either Village Hut v2.00 or in Lord Life, please let me know what they are.

    Donald Tidmore.

    --- BBBS/LiI v4.01 Flag-5
    * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)