• LordNet Program And Key

    From Daryl Stout@1:382/33 to GEORGE POPE on Sat Oct 8 03:54:00 2005
    I have a friend(putting his BBS back up) who is looking for LORDNet, &
    >Ithought you might be the person to ask where it is & how to get it. . .


    Check the files area over here on Thunderbolt -- I should have it
    online for download, along with the registration key generator in the
    L.O.R.D. Doorgame File area under the BBS programs file board. The
    filenames are LNET14N.ZIP and LNKEYGEN.ZIP respectively.


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  • From BEN RITCHEY@1:393/68 to GEORGE POPE on Mon Oct 10 06:11:21 2005
    LNet14N.Zip and LNKeyGen.Zip (holler if you still need them)

    Be well :^)

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