• Lord Gambling Casino, Realm of Lore - Status update

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Sat Aug 20 19:33:16 2005
    As most of you know, I allowed Chris Martino to have my Lord Gambling Casino igm last year, and Realm of Lore back in April. He was working on them, but only for Lord/32 usage, until he vanished in late May 2005. I've waited three months for him to show up again, which never happened.

    So, effective on August 13, 2005, I have officially resumed my author-ship and ownership of both igms. I will release a new version of LORD Gambling Casino for DOS LORD usage later this fall. As for Realm of Lore, it will have to be reworked to unknown degree to finish its conversion from DDIGM to ANGEL toolkit, which Charlie Wardick did initial work on for me last year.

    If anyone needs support for LGC igm, I can provide that immediately. As for ROL, the only support I can give currently is for the ROLCFG program which is fully up-to-date and will work with Realm of Lore v1.44, which is the last offical release of the program by Paul Mullins.

    Should anyone need to reach me, please use email at gtidmore@hiwaay.net or ktidmore@bellsouth.net. I usually only check Fidonet mail about once a week. Donald

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