• YOUR IGMs - Lord/32 versions?

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to Ken Weitzel on Sat Aug 20 19:26:54 2005
    Ken, Have you given any thought to making Lord/32 versions of any of your igms?
    Would be nice to have one at least of Sherwood Forest. You'll have to use the
    Manndoor toolkit to make the igm. I've not figured out yet if it is possible to use Angel toolkit to make an Lord/32 igm. As to using either DDPLus or DDIGM, you'd have to get help from Michael Preslar since he is the only one who
    will know how to make the old tool-kits work in a Lord/32 door game.

    I can however share code with you, or anyone else who is interested, for making
    a Lord/32 utility program. You have to use Manndoor, but it is not real difficult to understand how it works as to Lord/32 utilities. I have Lpedit/32
    running on several beta testers' BBS's as a full door program thanks to Jay Hodges. It also runs in local mode from the Lord/32 directory.

    Contact me if you want up-to-date Manndoor code files and source files for Lpedit/32, which you can convert into your own program.

    I also have source code and a compiled executable for the unfinished remake of Free World, called FreeWorld II, that Chris Martino had created. As most know,
    he disappeared in late May 2005 and has not been heard from by anyone since then. His web-site also vanished in June 2005.

    I also have some code, possibly enough to compile the igm with, for an Lord/32 igm called Pony's Coffee Shop. But I've not tried to work on it yet.

    All Lord/32 programming incidentally has to be done using either Borland Delphi, Free Pascal, or Virtual Pascal. You can't use Turbo/Borland Pascal since it only does 16-bit programs. Donald

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