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    I've noticed a "problem" with several of the IGMs done by Donald

    While all of his IGMs are freeware, and some have beta releases, the
    IGMs work fine, and display fine under a regular Telnet logon. However,
    under Synchronet, if you use the FTelnet link (to access the BBS via a
    web browser), when Legend Of The Red Dragon goes to load the selected
    IGM's, it sends the statement ** HOLD ON ** with part of that statement "flashing".

    This causes every screen of the IGMs in question to "constantly flash
    on and off", until that particular IGM is exited. So, I had to remove
    them from both L.O.R.D. 4.06 and L.O.R.D. 4.07 on the BBS. I decided to
    go with L.O.R.D. 4.06, due to the fact that there were display problems
    with several of the ANSI screens in the LORDTXT.DAT file.

    Now, if you don't have or use the FTelnet option on your BBS, there
    shouldn't be a problem (I could not detect one using the MTel Telnet

    The IGMs of his that WORK, but they DO FLASH under FTelnet, are:

    * Doofus The Gnome
    * L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino
    * The Gateway
    * The Gem Trader
    * L.O.R.D. Holidays
    * Kiteria's L.O.R.D. Bank
    * The Lost Traders Travern
    * The Love Shack II
    * The Nice Hag
    * The Outlands Tavern
    * The Pawn Shop
    * The Ruined Castle

    The IGMs of his that DO work (and do NOT flash under FTelnet) are:

    * Hiding In the Shadows
    * The L.O.R.D. Cavern
    * The Vullage Hut
    * Violet's Cottage II
    * The Forest Outhouse
    * The Changeling

    The other IGMs I have (none of them flash under FTelnet) are:

    By Nannette Thacker -- you can register these, and all of her programs/doorgames on her website for $10 -- note that no further
    updates are being offered:

    * Moonchat
    * Phantom Of The Catacombs
    * Moondust's County Fair

    By Ken Weitzel -- these unfortunately, are likely abandonware:

    * L.O.R.D. Wheel Of Fortune
    * The Horse Races
    * School Days
    * The Picnic
    * Reflections
    * Journey To Sherwood Forest
    * Caverns Of The Creators
    * Let's Go Fishing
    * The Forgery
    * The Greasy Spoon
    * The Messenger
    * The Poor House
    * Rest And Relaxation

    By Marty Blankenship (these may be abandonware):

    * Marty's Mercantile (shareware)
    * Dave's Inn (freeware)

    By Lloyd Hannesson (these may be abandonware):

    * The Warrior's Graveyward

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