• 201 Range Check Error

    From Christopher Gosse@1:129/102 to All on Thu Oct 22 04:54:12 2009

    Hi there. I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me with an issue I am having with my LORD game. I am running the DOS version 4.07.
    The problem is, when a player "Examines Etchings on the Table", a 201 Range check error occurs and sends the player back to the BBS. I tried to contact Michael Preslar, but didn't get a response. I was wondering if anyone found a work-around for this, or maybe found a patch somewhere or something. Thanks
    in advance for any insight :-)


    --- SBBSecho 2.11-Win32
    * Origin: Convolution BBS - convolution.us (1:129/102)