From Jason Hud@jashdovenet@nospameob-bbs.com.com to All on Thu Jul 30 19:40:48 2009
    Donald Tidmore wrote:
    Pretty much every other LORD author has given up on
    supporting their igms. Its been over two years now since anyone besides me (and Jay Hodges) released any igms for the DOS LORD game.

    well since bbsing is pretty much dead this is as much as can be expected.

    that being said there are several hundred igms out there that are quite
    usable for lord, and probably about 50-100 that can be registered via
    released serials or cracks.

    keeps dwindling as time goes by, and people get the impression that the LORD game has been abandoned by both Michael Preslar and by Gameport.

    here we go again.

    donald, lord doesnt have to be continually developed! it's finished!

    it's a bbs doorgame that is still one of the most popular out there.

    Many have had
    so much hassle getting LORD 4.07 to work under DOS/Windows or under OS/2 that
    they simply gave up on the game,

    here comes the bullshit.

    lord is the easiest to install doorgame EVER. EVER.
    if people have problems with it, there are SEVERAL SEVERAL SEVERAL means
    of support they can use.

    after they found it impossible to get
    technical support for the game.

    it's not impossbile to get technical support. fellow sysops support the
    game. the lord forums. this very fidonet echo.

    you do not participate in bbses so you should really stop this 'the sky
    is falling' routine.

    Give me some idea of your criteria for what a "good igm" is when you respond.
    If its an igm that is supported by someone today, expect the list to be around

    my idea of what a good igm is would be anything you didnt create.
    all your igms have ugly colors, annoying MULTIPLE pauses and status
    screen updates that no user wants.

    also several of your igms crash, if you ran an actual bbs and tested
    them properly you would know this.

    again, stop speaking on the behalf of the bbs community and the lord

    you are pretty much shut out and nobody wants anything to do with you
    due to your behavior.

    you call no bbses, you run no bbs, so i suggest you get yourself a new