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    From Tony Master to Michael Preslar on Sat Feb 21 00:13:39 2015
    Re: Re: Updates, news, etc
    By: Michael Preslar to Tony Master on Wed May 09 2001 06:02 am

    Just to be safe lord will support door32.sys? also what will that de
    us that make igm's? I use two door kits d32 and XDoor3.01 for the co depending on what i want to do.

    Ive got plans for it to support door32 (aka why make a 32bit software if
    it cant handle 32bit comm stuffs?).. how would it affect igm authors,
    igms, etc?

    When door32 is added.. door.sys will still be there.. igms that dont
    support door32 will only work on nodes that run on door.sys..

    igm authors can use door32 comm routines.. ive not figured out how im
    going to say "this is a comm handle, not a com port" in the node*.dat's,
    but itll work just kike it does now..

    is there a guidline to check out?