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    From Lord Time@1:14/400 to Daryl Stout on Fri Feb 29 11:13:00 2008
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    I looked at the documentation in Springfangs House Of Wonders, and got all of the IGM working, EXCEPT for the part of "the Mystic Eye". In my last message, I thought you needed a separate IGM for it, but apparently that is not the case. I entered the data into the various files, as well as into
    items editor. However, every time I go to the "fighting" area in that IGM,
    can NOT find that "mystic eye". Is there a certain level I need to be at,
    a certain weapon that I need to have to see this??

    wish I could help you out, but I haven't been in lord ][ in a few years (note I

    have a few version of it runing here)

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