• New IGM utilities available

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Wed Dec 5 05:03:08 2007
    I've created some more Player Database Editor utilities for my igms, and you can get them from me via email -- gtidmore@hiwaay.net or ktidmore@bellsouth.net
    -- if you are interested.

    LC2EDIT v0.20 Beta. For use with LORD Cavern v1.7. Has not been uploaded to web-site yet.

    LGCEDIT v0.20 Beta. For use with LORD Gambling Casino's current beta. Available from my Castle Camelot web-site: http://camelot.legendarydragons.com/IGM-Beta/lgc-edit.zip

    OUTSEDIT v0.20 Beta. For use with either Outlands Tavern v1.6 or its current betas. Copy on web-site is not current version.

    SKELEDIT v0.25 Beta. For use with my LORD Skeleton igm. Available online. http://camelot.legendarydragons.com/IGM-Beta/skeledit.zip

    I am still waiting for Dennis Collins to finish testing his rewrite of Outlands
    Tavern, which is being handled by him for me. He has removed the arrays from the igm that caused the previous version to crash at times, when the system ran
    out of conventional memory while it was running. Once he's gotten the new code to me, I will make that version available to everyone to use.

    If anyone has experienced the NTVDM error problems while running any of my ANGEL-based igms, I would really appreciate someone sending me details on what happened. Screen snapshot GIF files would be especially helpful, as would be knowing what version number is in use, and what its compile date is. I only know so far that it affects some parts
    of The Pawn Shop, and possibly other igms, on Synchronet bbs's. But without details on what happens, it is going to be difficult to get rid of this particular gremlin or gremlins.


    --- BBBS/LiI v4.01 Flag
    * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)