• WT-LORD Registrations Info

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Mon Nov 19 18:20:10 2007
    I answered a query in BBSDoors_Discussion just a few minutes ago from Allen Prouty, and thought I would summarize info on WT-LORD registrations status here.

    As of mid-August 2007, everyone who wants support for WT-LORD or to do registrations -- which are now 100% FREE, should go to this web-page. http://www.sprynex.com/wtlord.php

    To reach Joe Marcelletti, his email address according to the web-page is now joe@sprynex.com. I do not yet know what the current/valid email address is for
    Shannon Talley, should anyone need that. But the last time he was in contact, he was using this one: shannon.talley@fidotel.hrcoxmail.com

    Hope this information is helpful to any bbs sysops who want to register Wildcat
    Tournament LORD. Just remember, pretty much all of its source code was lost over the course of years to two hard drive crashes that Joe M. had. As a result, there is NO WAY to do program updates of WTLORD. And the last time I heard indirectly from Joe, a year or two back, he had absolutely no plans to rewrite WTLORD from scratch. Donald.

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