• Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.60, LordMenu v1.40 are released

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Wed Aug 1 00:25:44 2007
    I've finished work on LordMenu v1.40, ConvBank v1.10, KLBEdit v1.40, and Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.60. They are all now officially released. You can get them from the Castle Camelot web-site, Camelot LordNews FDN site (which has a few dozen mirrors), and the Nightfallgames.com web server.

    Primary URLs are as follows. http://www.filegate.net/camelot/lordfile/lrdmnu14.zip - For LordMenu. http://www.filegate.net/camelot/lordfile/convkb11.zip - For ConvBank. http://www.filegate.net/camelot/lordfile/kbedit14.zip - For KLBEdit.

    http://www.filegate.net/camelot/lordfile/klbank16.zip - For K.L. Bank igm.
    -- Note that this archive contains all of the ConvBank and KLBEdit files. ConvBank's name is changed to convkb11.

    You only need to use ConvKB11 if you wish to retain bank customer records data from version 1.50 of the igm. It and KLBEdit v1.40 can ONLY be used with version 1.60 of the igm.

    I increased the Gems Interest rate to 10% a couple of days ago in the igm. So KLBank now pays 10 percent interest on the Bank Gems investments.

    LordMenu v1.40 usage is supported only for DOS LORD - all versions, and for Lord/32. Those are the only two varieties of LORD that are known to support IGMs, so they are the only ones that can utilize LordMenu.

    I have included the source code used by LordMenu in case someone wishes to use it to make an Lord for OS/2 and Lord for Linux version at some point. I can MAKE those versions myself, but would have no way to test them since I have no access to OS/2 or Linux computer systems. Plus I have no real knowledge of how
    OS/2 and Linux programs are coded, and I don't want to learn that stuff as well. So if one of you wants to adopt LordMenu to make OS/2 and Linux versions, get in touch with me and we will work out the details.

    I do not plan to do any further work this year on Kiteria's Lord Bank, in regards to the DOS LORD version. I do plan, probably in September, to work on a 32-bit version for LORD/32 of it which will be known as Kiteria's LORD Bank/32 (KLBANK32.EXE), when I get it started. It most likely will require its
    very own player database editor utility, but it may end up working fine with KLBEDIT v1.40 possibly. Depends on whether Virtual Pascal accepts the current player database structure's variable names and pascal variable types that are in use.

    End of report. Donald.

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