• Lord II idea

    From George Pope@1:275/89 to ALL on Fri Jul 13 16:25:00 2007
    Any L2 authors out there?

    here's an idea -- Several portals throughout the game maps that lead to
    the IGM, which opens up a clone of the original LORD, where you have to
    slay the Red Dragon to beat the IGM, and get whatever rewards you, the
    author, deem appropriate to have them take back to the LORD2 game
    itself. . .

    (or you could make it that it's only available to those who have
    completed both end-game quests, and whoever does so, beating
    Dragontooth, Koshi, and the Red Dragon gets declared ultimate winner!
    (this would satisfy those who feel that L2 needs a clear ending(which
    goes against Seth's obvious intent) and a Red Dragon. . .)))

    Because I care,
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