• Dead Sysops and their BBS

    From George Pope@1:275/89 to Donald Tidmore on Sun Jul 8 15:49:00 2007
    They might not ever know about the situation if someone does not notify one the Fidonet managers I would guess. If you know a sysop has died, you can notify that sysop's Fidonet region coordinator if you know them. Or you can notify Janis Kracht who is head of Fidonet in North America via Netmail, or her email address janis@filegate.net.

    Well, Janis was personally acquainted with both the sysops that died here. (Gordon Lewicky & Bob Satti)

    When Gordon Lewicky died in July 2005, which was two years ago now, I have idea how long people kept his BBS listed in the Fidonet records until someo noticed that the bbs no longer existed. Its always possible that the Fidon organization has robots that check on connections frequently to see which o respond as being in existence, or indicate that they are offline by the fac that the robot can't login to the site. Donald

    'sfunny, his boss knew almost immediately, but I guess he didn't go into the list and edit details. . .

    P.S. We all forget at times to change the Subject of messages, but you woul expect that to be done eventually. So I've done that for you George.

    Thanks! :)

    Normally I'm the guy to do that, but as you say, we all forget at times. . .

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