• Recent LORD program releases

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Sun Jul 1 18:39:54 2007
    I've gotten bad about making LORD news reports over the past two years because of health problems with anemia and diabetes. Sorry about that.

    A friend found some LORD II igms in a bbs on New Zealand, and those have been hatched to the Camelot LordNews FDN's Lord2fil directory. Auto Teller Machines, Hell's Slaughter House, Hell's Ville, and IceMan's Inn.

    I released new official releases of the three RHP Sets for LORD Cavern and those are in LCRHP?_?.zip archives on the FDN's LORDFILE directory.

    I posted an rte200 patch update of Chapel of St. George, whose authors are among the Lost Lord Authors group. I tried finding them via Google to no avail. Which is often the case.

    The latest program for fixing RTE200 problems in pascal-based programs was found online several months ago, and I posted a copy of it to the FDN's miscfile directory. Its named PatchCrt.

    I will try to have LordMenu released officially soon, along with some other igms I have been working on.


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