• Lord 4.08 beta for dos, win32, os2, and linux

    From Michael Preslar@1:275/112 to All on Tue Sep 26 00:04:32 2006
    The Lord 4.08 beta is out for Dos, Win32, OS/2, and Linux!

    Want a copy? Send an email to files@lordlegacy.com with the right subject,
    and the right program will be emailed back to you.

    A subject of "send me lord" gets the dos version
    A subject of "send me lord32" gets the win32 version
    A subject of "send me lord2" gets the os/2 version
    A subject of "send me lordx" get the linux version

    Also.. A subject of "send me igm info" has all the info you pascal
    programmers need to create cross platform IGMs.

    (Do not include the quotes in the subject)

    If you're upgrading from a registered 4.07, you will need to re-input your registration information, as I haven't nailed down an upgrade procedure yet.

    All binaries have maint.bat and igm support.

    Find a bug? head towards http://www.michaelpreslar.com/cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi and report it!


    Michael Preslar
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