• From Russell

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Sat Jan 14 13:29:50 2006
    Hello Folks,

    I received this in e-mail late last night:

    ==================cut here=================
    Hi Janis,

    My BBS and E-mail system's hard drive crashed and burned last night, either that or the HDD controler, will have a look this afternoon, after work. Will see if I can organise another HDD in the meantime.

    Am writing this from my works e-mail account.

    Please notify the following, that it might be awhile before I am able to collect mail from their systems.

    Barry Blackford
    Bob Seaborn
    Gert Anderson (LinuxNet)

    Would also appreciate it, if you could make a small announcement in the following echoes for me that the BBS is down for a while due to HDD failure.


    Hopefully, I can get a repacement HDD before going home this afternoon, and have enough old config files available, so I do, not need to build the system from the ground up.

    Many thanks,


    PS. Your e-mail, is the only one I could find at short notice. :-(( ==============cut here=========

    Take care,

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    * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)