From Jame Clay@1:120/545 to Robert Couture on Tue Sep 27 15:36:02 2005
    Hi Robert!

    26 Sep 05 13:38, you wrote to me:

    HPT supposedly does also, but I can't
    get it to work with an existing JAM message base.

    Really? I wonder why. I am using JAM Message bases here without
    problem in order to use JamNNTPd.

    I've tried using JAM message bases before but have only been able to use them with Crashmail II. For this node (1:120/545), I originally had it running
    with MBSE but figured that was over kill. Switched to using Crashmail II, because I already knew that it could handle the message bases. However; since
    Crashtic hasn't been ported, I've been using htick for file areas. I've used HPT before (nodes & points), so tried using HPT with the JAM mesasge bases but it's never worked for me...

    However, they were created by HPT not pre-existing.

    I was not able to get HPT to create & use a JAM message base either; it's why I went to useing Crashmail II for such messagebases... (No problem using HPT with *msg or squish message bases, btw...)

    Can you detail the issue(s) you were having?

    Essentially; incoming packets wouldn't be tossed & outgoing packets wouldn't be created when there were known new messages. (For the outgoing messages; when I switched it back to Crashmail II, the messages scanned out with no problems...) No error messages that I recall, or anything else. Not
    sure if it's a config issue (defining the message areas incorrectly) or if the version I'm using can't actually read/write a JAM message area...

    Changed this node back to Crashmail II because I need it to work without problems (it's IP only & remotely hosted...), and haven't had a chance to do any further troubleshooting here on this system or at home...


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