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    From Robert Couture@1:229/2000 to Jame Clay on Mon Sep 26 14:38:48 2005
    Hello Jame.

    19 Sep 05 14:41, you wrote to Michael Balcos:

    On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 03:57:28 -0400, Michael Balcos wrote:

    Does Crashmail II support JAM?

    Indeed it does, along with *msg type message bases like the
    original Crashmail ... HPT supposedly does also, but I can't get it
    to work with an existing JAM message base.

    Really? I wonder why. I am using JAM Message bases here without problem in order to use JamNNTPd. However, they were created by HPT not pre-existing. Can
    you detail the issue(s) you were having?


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