• Re: Release 2.0 - Late Congratulations

    From Wilfred Van Velzen@2:280/464 to Allen Prunty on Thu Jan 4 08:13:23 2018
    Hi Allen,

    On 2017-03-15 04:25:39, you wrote to me:

    Man, you're up late, or early... ;)

    This release has the "big" version jump to 2.0, because all the three
    modules are now compiled with the MingW32 windows compiler. MingW32
    is in

    Congratulations Wilfred!

    I know how hard you work on making a quality tosser. This
    contribution to the net is appreciated.

    Thanks for being a good friend to us all and thanks for keeping Fmail moving forward.

    You're welcome!

    Bye, Wilfred.

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