• Re: Tinytic skip if no tic

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Ian Segers on Tue Nov 7 06:25:53 2017
    Ian Segers wrote to Bill McGarrity <=-

    Hiya Ian..

    I a few months ago you help me with a batch file to run

    htick -c htick.cfg scan

    if not exist c:\fd\secure\*.tic goto end

    then it by passed the rest of the batch

    htick -c htick.cfg toss

    cd c:\sbbs\exec

    addfiles * -sznf

    but as I could setup htick and tintic doesn't have a scan option

    so I just woundering if you can help me with that using tinytic and
    not processing the batch file if there are no tic in d:\bbs\fd\secfile

    I thought Mystic had it's own tic processor built in? You should ask James about that...



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