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    Daryl Stout wrote to DIGITAL MAN <=-


    You're mixing up terms here. "inbound POP3 on port 587" doesn't make any
    Perhaps you mean "inbound SMTP on port 587"? In any case, that'll work for
    submsision (e.g. from a mail client running on your local network) only. To
    *receive* email into your BBS you must either be running the SMTP mail
    on port 25 (the standard SMTP port) *or* have some other server as the mail
    exchange (MX) for your domain that is willing to forward all your incoming

    to your BBS.

    I'll have to get with their support staff and find out the details of what I need to do on that.

    While the outbound is fine for the telnet email verifier, at times, I

    my BBS email as a backup...but right now, there's no way I can get email that way.

    Is your incoming port 25 blocked by your ISP?

    Correct. I have to use port 2525 for SMTP and port 587 for POP3,
    because of Comcast blocking ports 25 and 110.

    Daryl... Comcast only blocks port 25 and as such you're going to have to setup a redirect to another port on your system via a service. I personally use NO-IP that redirects port 25 to port 465 on my system. In SBBS Sendmail tab, I use a relay server (Smtp.comcast.net) with a Submission port of 587. Under the "RELAY" tab, I use my Comcast email address with password. Now you can still use port 110 to log into SBBS mail server and pick up mail remotely using the BBS login name and password.



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