From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Daryl Stout on Tue Nov 7 06:25:53 2017
    Daryl Stout wrote to ALL <=-

    While the QWK Networking (DoveNet and 2 other networks) is working
    fine with SBBSECHO, I can NOT get the FTN echoes (FIDONet, and 4
    other networks) working right.

    I had completely REDONE the message bases, with internal tags, and
    had the AREAS.BBS redone as well, to account for such. But, I am still getting messages of "Unrecognized internal code, assumed passthru" for
    ALL of the FTN echoes. Basically, all the incoming packets are being ignored.

    Do I need to completely REDO all the FIDONet style networks, and the AREAS.BBS file?? I have it set up the way it should be, but SBBSECHO is not recognizing the packets. The internal codes are the network name, followed by the first 8 letters/characters from the respective NA file.
    If I do have to redo the files, do I zap all the SHD files, and start over?? Or would doing such wipe out everything in the message areas,
    file areas, doors, text sections, bulletins, etc.??

    I even rechecked ECHOCFG, and have the individual notes first, then
    the routings of #:ALL to the particular node...and all that looks OK.

    I used to use InterEcho for a tosser, but while it had an option for Synchronet message bases, I didn't know if that would work with SBBS
    3.16 or not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    In SFCG, why not take a snapshot of Fido Group screen, the echo sub-board screen and also the network options screen. Then c&p a little bit of your areas.bbs. That would probably be the easist way of seeing what the issue is.



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