• Re: Binkd port issue on your

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Ian Segers on Tue Nov 7 06:25:45 2017
    Ian Segers wrote to Bill McGarrity <=-

    Hello Ian!

    FYI... I'm getting this message when I am polling you. See if you're blocking 24554 anywhere...

    ? 00:29 [4008] connection to 3:770/330@fidonet failed: {W32 API error 10013} An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

    Not sure what to do here really, in the router it is open and I did
    that test you asked me to do, and it said
    it weas ok passed, I use trents anyvirus and it uses window firewall
    and I went into the option where you allow
    programs and ports and I have add to allow port 24554.

    so if it doesn't work after that, wht do you suggest that I should do
    to you access permission.

    OK, whatever you seemed to do with the firewall worked... I connected last night to your system at about 18:30 EDT



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