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    Hiya Nick...

    On 16 Sep 15 01:06, Bill McGarrity wrote to Nightfox:

    If I may... I'm in the process of expading my ftn network to
    include QWK. Being I am the main hub, do I need to setup myself
    as a hub in Networks > QWK Packet Networks > Network Hub and
    setup conference #'s for each sub as well?

    Nope. The QWK packet network hub section in SCFG is only for
    other QWK networks that your BBS calls out to.

    Thank you sir!!

    With that said, once you have that all setup, you'll want to enable
    "Gate between net types" in SCFG. This will allow QWK systems to read messages posted

    via FTN, and vice versa.

    Did that already... knew that much.. lol!!



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