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    By: Bill McGarrity to Accession on Fri Apr 24 2015 11:24 am

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    Hiya Nick...

    On 24 Apr 15 00:43, Bill McGarrity wrote to Accession:

    Here's a screen shot of what I think you're talking about....

    While my quote mangled your paste, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks, Bill. :)

    Not a problem but DM was right... I used CTRL-Z and I was able to view the text properly. Only issue, it reverts you back to the internal editor when looking to post. So it must be something with the external editors.

    Ctrl-Z is a temporary toggle primarily used for sending raw text. It doesn't "revert you back to the internal editor", it changes message posting to use raw

    input mode (no editor at all). It's not intended to be left on for long periods

    or for a solution to a word-wrap issue, it was just used for a
    debug/test of this problemr report.

    OK... but after testing it today on the post that Nick was discussing, it indeed worked and I left it on not knowing. When I went to answer a netmail, my usual external editor was gone and the internal editor appeared. Once I turned raw mode off, the external editor came back.

    I'm just echoing what I saw here. I understand this is complex software and as such some issues may appear and in no way am I pointing a finger. I am in a deep learning curve here and I've found I undertand it better with a hands on approach.



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