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    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to mark lewis on Tue Nov 7 06:25:45 2017
    On 04-21-15 09:57, mark lewis wrote to Bill McGarrity <=-

    On Tue, 21 Apr 2015, Bill McGarrity wrote to mark lewis:

    your listing of 1:298/7 looks to be ok if somewhat dated in format...

    Looking at the binkd.txt he's not even listed


    and if you go to nodelist.107 he has an entry but no INA or
    telephone #.


    He's hanging out in no man's land.

    apparently his system is supposed to be PVT /or/ maybe he is using the
    fnz conversion format of f7.n298.z1.binkp.net for addressing... but
    that doesn't resolve, either... that seems to indicate more that his is
    a PVT system and that he has to poll for all of his mail instead of
    anyone being able to deliver it to him... either that or his NC hasn't gotten an update in with the proper necessary information...

    FWIW: the other entries in that net do resolve to the same as the
    entries contain...

    I saw that after I originally posted this and gave him a few options.




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