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    Re: Attention Any Radius Gurus
    By: Joe Delahaye to DesotoFireflite on Sun Apr 19 2015 08:48 pm

    Yes, but if you dont want something routed, then what I ended up doing in the Rout-To field, was put the node's nodenumber in there. Like this

    ROUTE_TO 1:249/303.1 1:249/303.1

    I understand that, but in my case, what if I want to crash mail a node
    to ask a question, that I've never mailed before, then I'd have to go
    in and put that in the config. In my days of front door, I could just crash mail anyone I wanted at anytime from withen frontdoor or remote access. I don't want to modify a config file everytime I mail someone, there has got to be a work around.

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    OK... although I use binkd as my mailer, certain rules will still apply for sbbsecho. If you go to echocfg > Nodes > choose any node... under Status it will give you options to start. Configure that for any nodes you're directly linked to and choose any of the three options. I normally have all those listed as CRASH. Now, for other nodes I have ROUTE-TO statments to each of your hubs. Therefore, if I want to send a message to 3:xxx/xxx and it's not listed in echocfg, then that will be routed through my hub. Now, being you're familiar with FrontDoor and I want to crash to that node, I use the FM editor. You have to compile FD's nodelist each week but it's small. Naturally, go through FD's setup entering all the information needed. Once you do that, use FM and it will allow you to set the CRASH bit. Don't worry that it saves in *.MSG format, sbbsecho will convert it as long as you've set the F switch.

    That's my work-around... YMMV



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