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    On 03-11-15 23:27, Chad Adams wrote to All <=-

    When configuring AREAS.BBS, and using binkp (IREX) ...
    What do you set for the gateway address, if you are the main hub, and there is not another gateway. I tried XX:*/* and it sends to xx:0/0
    which doesnt go to clients.

    I also tried my address- but that wont send either.

    Thanks for the help!

    If I can understand you properly, are you talking about starting your own network where you're the ZEC as well? If so, I would use your address as your uplink and then have your downlinks areafix to the message areas you offer. I've never tried this before but it only seems logical to do it this way. sbbsecho should be smart enough to see it would be tossing to itself so it wouldn't and only toss to the addresses added by downlinks to your areas.bbs.



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