• Re: Adding ZIP comment to uploads automatically in Syncronet

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    Re: Adding ZIP comment to uploads automatically in Syncronet
    By: Varsuchi to All on Tue Nov 18 2014 10:40 am

    I am running Synchronet Version 3.16

    I am wondering how I configure Synchronet to append a file or information into the zip archive automatically. I am sure you can do this, but I fail
    to find where the area is to do so.

    I checked the documentation from Synchro.net but was unable to find it - if this is here.



    I want to append something like "Downloaded from mybbs.com" or such as a file in the zip archive or whatever the process allows.

    You should be able to just edit the file text/zipmsg.txt to add your

    In taking this one step further, say when a tic/file comes down the pike and once the process puts the said file in the proper folder, is there a switch in ADDFILES that can also add the zipmsg.txt to the file as well?



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