• Re: Assistance with FidoNet Echo Importing Synchro 3.15

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Varsuchi on Tue Nov 7 06:25:45 2017
    On 09-05-14 14:51, Varsuchi wrote to All <=-

    I have setup fidonet running Irex and Synchro V3.15. I can pass
    messages to and from my Fidonet address: (1:130/505).

    I have only one message echo setup in my fidonet message base,
    R19_CHAT. I was sent a packet and did receive the packet in c:\sbbs\data\file\0001.in\ directory.
    However, sbbsecho will not toss it into the packet

    I do have the areas.bbs file exported and it is there, with that one

    I have followed all of the tutorials and am at a loss as to why it wont toss it into the base. Can anyone help?

    Have you set a semaphore to tell sbbsecho to run when you receive mail?


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