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    Re: DoveNET Problems
    By: Tammy Firefly to All on Fri Aug 15 2014 20:49:55

    I previously ran synchronet in windows, the hardware died and long story short I changed to linux as Im much more experienced with it.

    I cannot for the life of me get my synchronet system to call out to DoveNET to get QWK packets, I tried forcing it with touching /sbbs/data/qnet/vert.now and it wont even try. I then tried adding a
    post to add a group and it just saved it and never bothered to connect.

    Has anyone run into this situation previously? This is driving me nuts, everything else is setup fine but this is the one little last thing that has to be done

    I have a Linux virtual machine that I've used to test out Synchronet on Linux, and I've had this problem as well. One thing you might check in SCFG is the call-out node for your DoveNet network and make sure the call-out node is a valid node number for your BBS. I just checked my Linux Synchronet configuration, and it turned out that the call-out
    node number was not a node number in use for my Linux Synchronet setup
    (I have it set up with 4 nodes, and the call-out node was 10).

    Would never have though of that... great catch!!

    Taught me something... :)


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