• Re: Assistance with FidoNet

    From Bill McGarrity@1:266/404 to Varsuchi on Tue Nov 7 06:25:45 2017
    On 07-17-14 18:43 Varsuchi wrote to All <=-

    Can anyone give me any assistance setting up FidoNet from scratch. Does 3.15 SynchroNet come with all the utils I need? Do I need any other utilities or doors installed?

    Also, how do I compose a netmessage? Is it the same as net message in
    the message area.

    Forgive, but I am new to this and FidoNet is rather tough.

    Thanks in advance.

    All the information you'll need is in the wiki. Start there first and then when you're started things and get stuck come back and ask specific questions.

    Here are the links you'll need:





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