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    unzip them before importing the .pkt files. Maybe it's confusing to y because you're not actually seeing a "ZIP" file. Those message bundle (*.mo?, *.tu?, *.we?, *.th?, *.fr?, *.sa?, *.su?) are the ZIP files, depending on which day of the week it is.

    Does anyone still compress?? POTS I can see.... but binkp?? :)

    actually, yes... many systems still do compressed mail packages by default... it is an operator selectable option, though... i've been
    able to switch many of my ""downlinks"" to raw PKTs by talking to their areafix processor in the same way that they talk to mine... it is a two way path contrary to how many have visualized it over the years ;) ;)

    I was so used to .MSG style... FLO's learning curve was a crash course this afternoon. It's all up and running now... :)


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