From Alan Ianson@1:153/757 to All on Sat May 6 17:53:37 2006

    Let us distribute your doors & door utilities in the DGN FDN! Below are
    the file areas we have.

    DGN_DIST DGN: General Door Games Distribution Area
    DGN_DEVP DGN: DOOR Development Tools
    DGN_HQ DGN: Files upstream to DGN Headquarters.
    DGN_LNX DGN: Linux Door Games Distribution Area
    DGN_OS2 DGN: OS/2 Door Games Distribution Area
    DGN_UTIL DGN: BBS/Door Utilities
    DGN_W32 DGN: Windows Door Games Distribution Area

    If you have any files you'd like hatched in any of the DGN areas send them
    too one of the following..

    Robert Wolfe at 1:261/1
    Sean Dennis at 1:18/200
    Alan Ianson at 1:153/757 al (at) trmb (dot) ca

    Check out the DGN FDN file areas at..

    http://trmb.ca/dgn or

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    * Origin: The Rusty MailBox - Penticton, BC Canada - trmb.ca (1:153/757)