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    From BoonDock@4:920/69 to All on Thu Apr 14 08:25:19 2022
    LITRPG was created as an echo to discuss Stories that fall into the broader genre of GameLit, that is they are stories that have an element of gaming to them with things like levelling up, charater stats etc.
    It's become quite a bit more than that, with a small number of people who actively discuss these and other stories, as well as the odd author or two jumping in every now and then.
    The Echo is ported to Telegram, so some of our participants don't even know (or care) what FidoNet is.

    Give it a go, jump in to the echo and say hi, introduce yourself and get chatting. If you have any questions about where to get a feed, feel free to drop me a Netmail.

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