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    From unixl0rd@BEERS20 to Nightfox on Sun Apr 14 16:13:00 2024
    Yeah, it was amazing what could be done with little resources. I'm also reminded of a floppy disk image that was going around in 2001 or 2002ish (from what I remember) that was a QNX Real-Time OS demo which was a bootable 1.44MB floppy disk that booted into a full GUI and included a word processor, web browser, and a couple other things. I thought it
    was fairly impressive.

    I remember this. The desktop environment was called 'Photon' and the main menu was on the right side of the screen. very impressive indeed.
  • From WildKeccak@BEERS20 to Nightfox on Sun Apr 14 19:36:00 2024
    I think it's interesting that the Haiku project has now re-created BeOS
    as an open-source project. I've seen people posting about Haiku being more and more mature now, and I've seen some people say they're using it for their daily OS now.

    I'm desperate for this, but it's not my daily driver. It's not ready on my laptops for even this. PuTTY doesn't work well. Becomes strangely unresponsive.

    ... Nothing worthwhile ever arrives by mail.