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    By: Dumas Walker to MRO on Wed Jan 31 2024 11:31 am

    if they did it once, they'll do it again.
    I wouldn't trust it.

    I just use the built in windows shit.

    I was thinking it might have been AVG instead of Avast, but I often get those mixed up so there is that.

    internet sez:
    Avast were prosecuted and fined for selling their users' browsing history to a third party. Shortly after the prosecution, Avast were purchased by Norton LifeLock."

    then this article https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/30/21115326/avast-jumpshot-subsidiary-suspended-data-collection-selling-ceo-blog-post

    "Just days after Avast's popular antivirus software was revealed to be harvesting browsing data and selling it to advertisers, the company has said that it's shutting down the subsidiary that made it possible. Writing in a blog post, company CEO Ondrej Vlcek says Avast is terminating its Jumpshot subsidiary's data collection and operations "with immediate effect," and doesn't mention any plans to transfer the company's "hundreds" of affected employees, meaning they're likely out of a job."

    avast and avg BOTH collected and sold user browser histories.
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  • From Dumas Walker@CAPCITY2 to MRO on Thu Feb 1 10:04:00 2024
    internet sez:
    avast and avg BOTH collected and sold user browser histories.

    Good to know. thanks! Maybe that is why I always confuse the two. :D

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