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    By: MRO to All on Sun Nov 06 2022 07:00 pm
    hey anybody here using tmobile 5g ho
    Do you have Tmobile already? If not, you can get a free hotspot from them with 30 days or 30gb of internet service, whichever comes first, so you can

    okay got it and hated it.

    i couldn't get 5g in my area. they said i should be able to but my area's 'box' was just doing 4g for a reason they don't know.

    i tried to return it but i was on the phone for over an hour and most of the people couldn't find me in the system. finally i was able to get a pin and then create an account and then they could see me.

    my device is like a phone and i go into the admin center and i can read the sms txts.
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